Not sure why this tune is resounding in my head today and I know that some of you may be too young for the reference but here goes anyway. This was the theme song to the show “Cheers” which was about a neighborhood bar where everyone knew each other and could connect through the happenings in their lives sitting around the bar and having a drink. What a novel idea huh! Works for me lol, well pre-covid. Anyway, the moral of the story here is that connection is key when you want to earn the trust, collaboration, and support from those around you. Even at the local neighborhood bar lol.

So, you might be thinking, where is this guy going with this. Well here goes. Successful marketing is about the connection. One of the things I have learned throughout my years of Marketing is that the more people can feel connected to you or your brand, the more opportunities you, as an Entrepreneur have to turn those people into loyal clients and customers. Why is that? It’s simple. When someone feels a connection to you, it’s usually because they see that you have things in common. They see you as a resource that they can trust and they believe that your products and services are likely going to represent them whether its in terms of their emotions, passions, aspirations, or even on the other side of the spectrum, they might feel that you have the formula to solve a problem they might have. They may be thinking that perhaps the connection means you have had the same type of problem. People also tend to think that if they find a point of connection with you, that perhaps you share the same belief systems and values and of course they will want to subscribe to a product that resonates with their value system. People trust those they can connect with. Those are some important pillars in the buying process. There are other levels of connection too. Take for example this Black Lives Matter movement. Many people connect through cause related theories and principles. As you watch the news, you see so many people of different races, nationalities, and creeds, supporting the Black Lives Matter move. Why is that? Because they stand for the same causes. They want to see justice and equality for people who may have been underrepresented in that area. Now, I don’t want to make this blog controversial so that is all I am going to say about that, but I think you get the idea.

So as an Entrepreneur, you might be thinking, how can I connect with my audiences in a more fervent way. Well let me offer you just a few small examples of things you can do. Are you active on Social Media? If you are, the practice of liking and commenting is a great way to connect with people. Remember to take interest in their content and ask thoughtful questions about what they are posting about. Show a vested interest in their products and services or thoughts and ideas. If their business resonates with you, don’t forget to follow them. That’s a great way to get the conversation going. Another way to connect with your audiences is through live stream activities. Whether you are doing a Facebook or Instagram live or even a webinar, people will connect with you more when they have a bit of direct access to you. If they can see you and know you exist, it gives them more reason to be invested in your brand. In the game of connection, remember, emails are your friend. Get personal in your emails to your clients. If you know they are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other life event, acknowledge that when you are talking to them in email. People love to be honored and recognized and that’s another way to build a close connection. As another tip, be sure that your marketing includes the feedback from your Market Research. So, if your audience told you that they love travel, remember to include imagery of white sand beaches and mountains in your channel strategies. This represents an emotional or heartfelt connection which is also a way to reach your tribe.

So I don’t want to give away the bank here but I do talk more about connection in my class, Consumer Connections which you can register for here: Remember, if you want to see successful sales, branding and marketing, think about what you can do to connect with your audiences. Give them some more insight into who you are but most of all, take a vested interest in who they are and what they have going on at the moment. When you do this, people become more excited to support you and your endeavors. Trust me, I know it works.

I hope this was a bit helpful for you because remember, when it comes to marketing, sometimes, you want to go where everybody knows your name! Have a great day guys!

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