Sales +Marketing=SUCCESS

As a Marketing and Branding specialist, I often get asked what is the relationship between sales and marketing? That is an awesome question to explore as you begin your journey to entrepreneurship. As a first step, you want to think about what both Sales and Marketing really are. Sales are all the activities that are […]

Giving Back. It’s Time!

Believe it or not, Being an Entrepreneur is not just about making money. Yes, money is awesome but a great entrepreneur is going to be someone who wants to give back and make an impact in this world. Note, you are already going to make an impact by offering a sound solid product or service […]

You’ve Got This!

It was so nice to have a day off this past week to celebrate Labor Day. What did you do? I spent most of the day laying on my couch, reading, relaxing and watching tv. As an Entrepreneur though, my mind never stops. Do you experience that? Are you like me in always thinking about […]

Sometimes You Want to Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Not sure why this tune is resounding in my head today and I know that some of you may be too young for the reference but here goes anyway. This was the theme song to the show “Cheers” which was about a neighborhood bar where everyone knew each other and could connect through the happenings […]

Fake It, Until You Make It!

Welcome to my second blog. I want to be sure that in each blog I create, I share some insight that I have uncovered that has taken me down this journey of becoming an entrepreneur. At Content Redefined, one of the things that we promote as our core competitive advantage is the idea of Relationship […]