Learn About Our Services

Let’s collaborate to create a logo, mission statement, color scheme and more that will compel consumers to buy and refer your products. It’s not enough just to be seen, you have to make a genuine connection with your audience. Let us help develop a brand that speaks to your values, shows who you are, & forms an unbreakable bond with your clients.


We will use digital, online, print, social media, ads, content  and a variety of other advertising channels to develop your brand’s connection story. These are just some of the first steps used in a strategic marketing strategy that will be focused on high ROI and building awareness.


As Marketing experts, we will listen to your needs, provide suggestions that meet your business goals and collaborate with you to grow your business. At Content Redefined we use our knowledge and years of experience to help consult you through the right steps for success.

Project Management

We develop action steps and realistic timelines to help you drive sales and brand identity for your products and services. We use our management know how to give you the tangible steps to follow to obtain your business goals.

Membership Services

Sign up for our Consumer Connections mini course that is geared towards providing clients with the tools to help them start creating their own marketing and branding for their business. Do you feel you need support in understanding branding or how to connect with your audience through low cost marketing channels? Check out our course designed to help new entrepreneurs connect with their audiences through basic marketing and branding techniques.

Vendor Management

We do the heavy lifting. Let us help you manage and instruct a print or PR vendor to ensure successful delivery of your marketing and sales strategy. If you do not know the business lingo, or have not yet stepped out of your shell, we can help translate your business needs to vendors.

Content Development

We help you tell a creative narrative through the art of storytelling that resonates with your audience. From Social Media to blogs to everything in between, we will help you redefine your content ideas into antidotes that compel your audiences to action.

Marketing Coach

We can guide you in creating a success-centric emotional and strategic ecosystem that fosters growth and attracts positive results to your business