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We are a marketing and branding consultancy that believes that
the power of marketing begins with a connection to your audience..
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    Our Why

    Defining your WHY is one of the most important messages your business can share with the world.

    At Content Redefined, we exist to empower people to empower people to change the world.

    Our Process
    1. Discovery Call
    We assess your specific business needs and the needs of your audience.

    2. Collaboration Interview

    We connect with our clients to ensure we understand their vision, mission and inspiration for their story. (1hr Session)

    3. Internal Brainstorm
    We define the right strategy that will connect you to your target audience and influence them to buy.
    4. Define Your Strategy

    We build an awesome program that is tailored to the needs of your business, clients, community and story.

    Connection is Key

    Connecting with your target audience is the most effective way to drive increased sales. At Content Redefined, we use cost effective Marketing and Branding strategies to help Entrepreneurs and Reinventors determine and market to their key target audience. We will then help you strategize the appropriate channels to connect with your customers in meaningful ways.

    Creating An Emotion

    We work together to create content for your client or target audience that ignites emotion. Together, we will brainstorm the right questions to ask your audiences about their purchasing and spending habits, giving you the tools to create sales success. Let’s build something amazing together and watch your sales grow.

    Igniting A Passion

    Part of a powerful brand and marketing strategy includes your ability to ignite emotion, feeling and passion in your target audience. Once you find the source of their passion, you can market to them from a place that really influences them to buy. That place is their emotions!

    We help Entrepreneurs & Re-inventors become successful
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    Our Connections Strategies Help Brands Understand Their Consumers!

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