I bet you that part of your ongoing thoughts as a new business owner is  around how you are going to attract new qualified leads. After all, if you are not always engaging new leads, how are you going to make new sales? It’s a valid thought and guess what? Every Marketer, Salesperson and Business Owner has had those very same thoughts at some point or another. What if I told you that there are tons of leads out there. You just need to understand more about your business to determine where the rights leads for your business might be.

Since, I don’t know specifically what your business is, I’ll just give you a few suggestions to consider. Note, these are just a few ideas to get you started, but with the right marketing strategy, you will connect with your audience. Be patient and don’t be afraid to try a few things or take a few calculated risks. Just remember to give each idea some time to progress. Analyze your analytics to understand if your approach has legs. You are going to do great!

Since we are all still living in this pandemic state, many people are looking for resources online to self-educate themselves or learn something new. Consider creating an on-line course that offers tips and tricks on something that coincides with your business and that would appeal to your targeted audience. Courses are a great way to show your expertise and to monetize your knowledge and skills.

People love a webinar or an interesting Facebook/Instagram live. These are great channels to connect with your audience in a way where they can see your face. Putting a face behind a brand gives it more credibility. These types of channels also build trust and gives people a way to get more of an introduction to who you are. Remember to promote your webinar or live prior to the event date with social media posts inviting people to attend in advance.

Speaking of Social Media, guess where else you can find targeted leads for your business? Yup, you said it. Social Media. Channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are great places to exhibit your content, show subject matter expertise and get leads to become prospects. Remember to stay consistent with a strategy In these channels. That consistency in your strategy will build a level of connection which ultimately will lead to sales. You can also create targeted ads in social media. For example, in Facebook’s ad manager you can create custom audiences that meet the criteria of your ideal target. Use your ads to promote your products, services and brand. Does your brand appeal to a professional network? Linked In is a great way to connect with that demographic. Check it out!

Ask your clients for reviews. Birds of a feather flock together. Your current clients are a great marketing tool to find new clients. Ask your clients to leave you a review and to spread the word about your business to their networks. Offer them an incentive for anyone they refer to you. As a side note, Yelp is a great tool to use for referrals. As a referral based site, people are going here for recommendations on the products and services they need. Reviews can be housed in content posts or on channels like yelp, Facebook and Google.

Do you have an email opt-in on your website? Have you created an email list from the leads who have subscribed through your site? Are you emailing them on an ongoing basis? Emails are a great way to obtain leads for your business. Test different subject lines and personalize your emails to your Audiences. Those are great ways to keep prospects interested in what you have to offer.

These are just a few easy suggestions on how to find leads for your business. Remember, as mentioned earlier, be consistent in your strategy. If you are posting in social, do it regularly. If you are sending emails, create a strategy for multiple emails that build on the previous  one to entice your leads. On top of all of that, be authentic, have fun and share what you know best. Leads become clients when you can connect, solve a problem or ignite their goals, aspirations and interests. You got this. The Leads are there for the taking. Need help with your strategy? You know where to find us!

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