Is your business on social media? Which platform are you using? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tic Toc? No matter what you are active on, here’s an important tip… stay connected to your fans. How do you expect them to stay loyal to you if they never hear from you? It’s great to have tons of fans on your page but it’s all for naught if they don’t feel like part of a community. Your community. So how do you do you make that connection happen? Good question. Let’s explore a few ways.

Ask questions in your content. Questions are a great way to get your audience talking to you and each other. Be sure your questions represent their problems, aspirations, goals or interests. Remember to also share your perspective on the question too. Just like a relationship, engagement is give and take and it requires your input. Remind your fans to ask other fans for their thoughts. Encourage cross conversation within your page. The more fans connect, the more of a community like feel you will create.

Respond to comments. At the very least, you can like or heart comments you receive. At most, take a minute to respond to your comments. It can be as simple as a thank you but if you are looking to form a deeper connection, share more. Keep it simple but altruistic. If you want to or need to have a more extensive conversation, take it to DM.

So of course, the next tip is, use your DM’s. Taking a conversation to a more private setting is a great way to show that you want to get to know your fans more. I’ve often times seen people who just use their DM’s to advertise and get business. It’s more effective if you create conversations and connections first before you share your sales pitch.

Remember to share your story! Use a link tree and connect your blog to your Instagram page. For other social media channels like Facebook or Twitter, you can write a post and leverage the call to action to get people to your blog. When your fans read your story, they are engaging with you. They are investing in getting to know more. Remember, your mess is your message. That means it’s ok to share your story no matter how messy it might be.

Do lives and post videos. Let people connect with you face to face. Instagram offers reels and stories too as another way to share your up to the minute, real occurrences that might be happening. You can also do Lives on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t be shy! Your fans want to see you! Remember to treat video like you are sharing a conversation with friends or family. That will make being on camera easier. Have fun with it.

Be motivational, inspirational and supportive. Lift up your audiences. Be a support system to them. When your tribe feels supported by you, they want to stay connected and as we are learning. That connection is key.

Were these tips helpful? We hope so. For more on engagement and connection, email us at [email protected]. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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