As entrepreneurs, building businesses in the pandemic, it’s so important for us to be conscious. What does that mean? It can mean so many things. Have you heard of the term mindfulness? It’s practiced in many schools and organizations. It basically is a state of being. It’s living in the moment and being conscious of what Is happening around you.

So how do we introduce mindfulness and conscious thinking in marketing. Here are some simple tips. Marketing from a place of mindfulness will attract new audiences to your products and services.

Think value first: many brands and marketers lead with product and features. As a result of this, consumers cannot connect with the products you are offering unless they are already committed to your brand. As a new entrepreneur, it is not likely that your audience is there yet. Establish a connection of your product to what is here and now for that client. Step outside of your perspectives and ego about how your product helps people and speak to your audience from their perspective. Use market research, surveys and polls on Instagram, feedback groups to understand what values your clients see in your products and services.

Position your clients  aspirations, goals, interests as affirmative statements. What does this mean, I’ll give you an example, at Content Redefined we guide entrepreneurs in developing content that will attract their ideal audience and will increase sales for their business. In that statement we use words like “will” instead of “can” and “will increase sales” instead of something like “support sales growth”. We are telling the universe affirmatively what our business will do which invokes a prosperity and abundance mindset versus a prospective and potential approach. In your content tell your audience what your product will do for them versus what it can possibly do. You have the power to create the success you want to see.

Use empathy and understanding in your content. Think about what problem your product can solve for your clients. Be sure as part of your brand you create an I help statement for your business. It describes what problem your business solves for your client. Think about their age, beliefs, values, shopping habits and use those elements as a guide in creating your marketing. Celebrate your clients successes. Remind them to celebrate the wins so they can experience more.

Set Goals. Be clear about the growth you want to see and write and rewrite your goals daily. Remember to use the affirmative. I will generate 10 new clients from my ad on Facebook within 2 months. When you are setting goals, be sure they are in alignment with what is possible. Create a vision board or a visual interpretation of your goals and the results in action. Be specific and set realistic timelines. In the above example, the ads will drive 10 new clients after 2 months. The Timelines are specific.

Live in the now. What is going on for your clients right now. Create content that speaks to that. For example, Content Redefined is helping entrepreneurs create content and marketing strategies dissolving fear of the unknowns in the purchasing market and embracing success in sales. Many people have fear during the pandemic. Are these your clients? What will your product do that will help them address the feelings they are feeling today and now. Do not give those negative thoughts power in your marketing. Make your statements positive and advertise how to overcome adversity or fears if that is active in your audience base in the now.

Use Data and know your audience. As entrepreneurs, its important to market from a place of what is. Data helps us to define what is. Do your research and get statistics to substantiate your value proposition. Your clients rule the roost, not you. While yes, the product may be yours, having the data and knowing what your clients need is the place to market from. Your ego has no place in marketing.

Have you created your current client avatar and the future client avatar you will attract to your business? Your avatar identifies things like who they are, what they buy, how old they are and other attributes that identify your existing and ideal clients. Develop your marketing strategy based on that avatar. Market research also helps you identify exactly who your audience is. When you can narrow it down, you can target them effectively.

Remember to pause and be in a quiet place before you market. Meditate or in a space of gratitude. Take deep breaths and be focused on the moment. As you set goals, create content, prepare to speak to your audience, etc. start with some breathing in and out. Think about all the awesome and positive things you have already manifested through your thoughts for your business. Remember if possible to send thank you notes, emails or messages to your clients. The more grateful you are, the more good things will come your way. Be open to new thoughts and ideas and let yourself be creative. When you design marketing, be in the abundant flow and mindset. Show up knowing that the sale is already yours . Know your worth. Say I am creative, I am passionate. Let your marketing exude positive images. Show beauty, love, affection. Talk about how amazing your clients will feel as they use your products. Connect with your audiences joy.

Need more tips on how to invite a conscious and mindful aura into your business and marketing strategy? Email us at [email protected], we will help!

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