As you work to build your brand, there are a few things you want to keep in mind so that that you stay recognizable, visible, valuable and promotable. After all, that is what branding helps you to do. Many Entrepreneurs skip the branding component and go to the Marketing of their products but both of these play into one another. Its important that your marketing is supported by your brand design and visionary elements. That gives your products life and helps you to market more effectively. Your brand is your identity. It requires focus and attention. Here are just a few things that are on my mind today about branding. I hope they help you as you work to create or recreate your brand and draw the attention of your audiences to you.

Keep your logos flexible. What this means is simple. You will use your logo in many different formats. Maybe you have a brick-and-mortar store or perhaps you are just online. Either way, your logo has to be able to flex in any environment. Think about the elements of the logo. Can they stand alone without words? As an example, when you look at the golden arches, you know its McDonald’s without seeing the word McDonald’s. That said, if you are going to create a logo be sure that components of that logo can stand alone and will still mean the same as its intended when it’s accompanied or not accompanied by words. A flexible logo can change in size, color or design. Now keep in mind, you want your logo to remain consistent but as you change channels that you market in, you want the logo to scale with that change in marketing. Establish variations of the same logo and use that in your marketing as needed. This will ensure that you keep its design looking and feeling fresh.

Think simplicity! A tagline for example should be powerful yet simple. You want it to be something that everyone remembers but that represents strength, flexibility, diversity and substance for your brand. Think about Nike for example. The tagline “Just do it”, with 3 words is very simple but it also comes with its own sense of entitlement. You almost feel like when you have Nike’s there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Remember, your tagline needs to inspire people and show them the value behind the products and services that you are offering.

Remember to create a visual identity for your audience that can be tied to your brand. By this we mean, what colors are part of your overall brand. Do you use people, shapes, symbols, destinations, etc. to bring your branding to life. If so, do those connect with your target audience. The visual aspect of your brand is a great way to relate to your ideal target audience. As an example, if people see people that you look like them, are the same nationality, have the same skin color or live in the same places, they are more apt to pay attention. You can also use things like GIF’s, graphs, animation and other interactive elements to really connect with your audience.

Be authentic with your branding. Tell your story. As my age old saying goes, “Your mess is your message”. Tell the value story of your brand by sharing stories about what inspired you to get here today. People connect through stories and other personalized elements of marketing and branding. A great way to share these stories is through social media. Go Live, tell people the story behind how your brand came to be and what you are doing to make a difference in the lives of others. When you share parts of yourself, people tend to feel more invested in whatever it is you are offering as they get a chance to learn the real you.  Give it a try.

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