Just like any relationship, like dating a marriage, siblings, friends and professional relationships, consumer relationships take time and nurturing. They need time and attention. Relationships are a staple for human connection and emotional support. We all need them in one form or another. In terms of marketing, the one thing that is important to remember about relationships is the more you invest in establishing them with your clients, the more success you will have in your business.

Have you heard the terms relationship marketing? Relationship marketing focuses on the activities you do to retain your customers. It also includes your strategy around how you engage with them. If you think of one of my favorite brands like Disney, they focus on the experience as a means to engage their clients and maintain a relationship with them. They are a great example of how to focus on retention. Think about how many parents ensure that all of their kids regardless of their age differences will travel back to Disney to ensure that each of their children get to experience it’s joy and wonder.

So you might be asking, what should be part of my relationship marketing strategy? Well let’s look at that a bit. First, let’s start with the obvious. Customer Service. When you are in the early stages of dating or any other relationship the ability to connect with one another, talk, share experiences and be available to one another becomes part of the growth process. It connects the parties together more deeply. In Marketing, it’s the same notion. You have to be available to your clients. There are ways to do that. Support tickets on your website, a service phone number, SMS text message marketing, online chats or access by email are all examples of customer service. Clients who know they can get the attention they need, when they need tend to be more loyal clients.

Updates. Keep them informed. If you have a sale going on, be sure to share that with your existing customers. If you want to show them even more love, give them early access. Make them feel special. When you make changes to your products or benefits, email your existing clients and let them know of those changes. The more contact you have with them, the more loyal they become.

Feature your clients with their permission. Use their review and testimonials in your Social media content. Give them a shoutout. People generally like to be acknowledged. It encourages more of that same behavior.

Can you create a loyalty or rewards program for purchases in your business? Consumers are very often inspired by incentives like points. These types of incentives also encourage them to spend more. You can position it as a form of appreciation for their patronage or support of your services. That makes it a win win. Coupons, rebates and sales, exclusively for your existing clients will also make them feel special; it builds the relationship.

Communication is key. Do you have a blog? Are you writing about topics that will help your audience? In my blog, I try to empower new Entrepreneurs on the power of marketing and way to do it without breaking the bank. Ask yourself if your content is informing, supporting or engaging your audiences. That’s part of the relationship. Teaching or showing your audience something new or a different perspective will enhance the relationship.

I hope this blog was helpful. Remember, without clients, there are no sales. No sales, means no money! I’m sure that is not what you want for your new entrepreneurship. Give your clients something to talk about. Create relationships that are meaningful for both you and your clients. They will thank you. Need help creating a relationship marketing strategy? We have ideas! Email us at [email protected]. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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