What a time we are living in. I am staring to notice that so many people today are looking for new and innovative ways to reinvent themselves as millions of people are losing their jobs and need income. Are you one of those people? First, let me say that I am saddened at the loss of jobs and the rates at which that is growing. I am sorry if this has impacted you, but I also hope that you have been able to turn this rain cloud into a rainbow. As challenging as it might be, think of this: The likelihood that you will ever get this “free” time back is slim to none. Yes, some of you have children or even elderly parents that you are caring for so its not exactly free time and I get that, but it’s a different time, nonetheless. Our world is changing into a more virtual and online environment. That said, its important as Entrepreneurs that we are up with the times. I love sharing with my audience different ways to approach new things so here is a thought.

Often times, people do not think of education as part of marketing, but it certainly is. Whether you are teaching someone new information or sharing your subject matter expertise on a particular topic or area, the skill set of being able to educate or inspire people is certainly part of Marketing and it’s a very valuable commodity. It’s part of connecting with your audience in a way that influences them to buy, try or even learn.

As part of my brand, I offer a course online called Consumer Connections. During the class, I share insight on some of the things that might help Entrepreneurs in marketing and branding their products and services. I talk about Market Research, developing a Brand, lower cost Marketing channels and ways to connect with your audience. I even offer a Marketing Plan with several ideas that Entrepreneurs or people wanting to re-invent themselves or their strategy can use to get started. This class serves as a means for people to get an introduction to me and hear my thoughts on how they can grow their new business. Have you considered sharing with your audiences the benefits of your products and services? new techniques that you have learned to conquer every day activities? How about something you have tried and succeeded in or even failed in, but you gained some learning that could be useful to others? Don’t limit yourself. See here is the clincher. Classes are about your ability to tell a story and inspire others. You do not have to be expert in anything, you just have to be willing to share what you know and be confident about it. Classes help audiences see a different perspective that they may not have been thinking about prior. As an Entrepreneur, your audience will see you as leader when you start to publish content like online classes. Think about it as another forum to use to market yourself as an empowered individual sharing the knowledge or content you to other people. It can always be your way of giving back. Just think of a topic that people are yearning to get information on and share your perspective on it. PowerPoint is a great and easy way to create visuals, but you can use other tools like Canva as well to create the content that you visually want to share.

Here is the link just in case you want to sign up for my course. https://content-redefined-llc.mykajabi.com/plans

Well now that you think I was just writing to plug my class, lol, I want to share some more insight that I think can help. There are so many different platforms out there for classes…sometimes, its hard to figure out which to choose. For my class I used Kajabi. I am huge fan! It was easy and amazing so now I want to refer it to my Entrepreneur friends out there. What I love about Kajabi is it’s very non- complex and organized way to not only upload content but to optimize it using things like images and SEO to ensure you can get the most visibility. There are many reasons why I would recommend the platform but one of the great reasons why I love it is because it does all the Marketing for you and that is not a feature that is prominent in any of the other online class platforms I researched. From automated follow-up emails and templates to emails to people who do not complete their check out process, they have an automated email to engage each person. This truly is a great platform. Need a website or landing page to host your class, they have got that covered too. Creating my webpage to host my course to the creation of the course itself was a simple, fun, and easy process. I was even able to set up payment integration using stripe so any of my clients who buy my class can just as easily pay for it. In terms of functionality, you can also build a sales pipeline strategy where you can show your audience different marketing advertising over a period of time, like a landing page over an email as an example. People engage with different types of media so having that flexibility is great. One of the other reasons why I love Kajabi is that their customer support is outstanding. They get back to you so quickly and they are knowledgeable and accommodating. Kajabi gets the thumbs up from me! I give them 5 stars and I would recommend them to anyone I know and anyone I don’t.

Want to sign up for Kajabi to build a class? Here is a link to sign up and get a special offer and a 28 days challenge that teaches you all about the platform


Oh and by the way, I can help you build it. Just reach out!

So the moral of the story today is, it’s a great time to get creative. Building an online class positions you as a Subject Matter expert. It then can become part of your brand and its an extension of you. You have a story to tell and others deserve to hear it. Teach someone something new and that builds a level of trust with them that you may not have had before. You can do it, just take the first step.

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