I have sometimes wondered why children are so memorized by a great bedtime story. What is it that actually catches their attention? What is so powerful about the age old line “Once Upon A Time”? All these questions could be answered a number of ways. Maybe it’s the characters or the wildly imaginative brainpower of a child that has literally taken the words from the story and recreated them into a visual masterpiece in their mind filled with colors, shapes, interactive objects and fun people. Maybe it’s because they can relate to the story being told or it represents something that’s important to them. All we do know at this point is that, a compelling story is a game changer.

As an Entrepreneur, you may have heard the notion that your content needs to tell a story. What does that mean? It essentially means that in order to be successful, your content needs to be engaging, descriptive and colorful. When your content is laid out like a story with an overall idea, an introduction, the meat or supporting content and an ending, it creates a structure for people to not only engage with the content but it establishes a level of trust and value. You’ve taken the time to be deliberate about the advertising of your products and services in away that attracts them. You’ve now got their attention. All of your content from social media, emails and website copy to ads should tell a story. By that I mean, it needs to get your audiences attention.

Here are a few tips that will help you to create content that tells a story

  1. Be clear. Define the message you want your audience to take away from your social content, ads or copy. Make sure you have clearly articulated that message throughout your story
  2. Make your content relatable and memorable. Use examples of people, things or events that your audiences can relate to. Keep in mind the average age and interests of your target audience and use that information to influence your content
  3. Weave your brand positioning into your content. Include your mission, vision, core beliefs, ethics and more. Let readers step into the world of your business. This will keep them connected with you while encouraging them to take a vested interest into the usage and success of your brand and business
  4. Have Fun! Tie in the dreams, goals, hobbies, likes and aspirations of your target audience. Connect those to your marketing. Use compelling, fun and intriguing graphics and images to get the attention of your target market
  5. Use compelling headlines and tag lines. Make your client stop in their tracks and make a connection to what you are offering
  6. Present a clear call to action. What do you want people to do or take away from your story or marketing? Share that with them in a creative way.
  7. Use digital technology like audio, video, or gifs in your content. The more interactive it is, the more interested people will be.
  8. Create a reaction. Think about what outcome or lesson you want your audience to take away. Keep them talking about your brand and services


These are just some tips that can help you create an effective story as part of your overall strategy. Remember to think about the types of content you like or react to. What types of posts on Facebook or Instagram do you actually stop and like or comment on? Trust your instincts when telling your story. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.. and yes, you are the goose (or gander) in this scenario. Remember, stories sell and that’s part of your goal. Let your once upon a time be the thing that drives your business success forward.


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