Janet Jackson is one of my favorite musical artists. She has style, Pizazz and she can drop some dope beats. One of my  favorite Janet Jackson songs that we have all probably quoted either in gest or in truth is “What Have You Done For Me Lately?” At least I think that’s the title but it’s certainly the refrain in the song. I heard this song today and it had me thinking. One of the most important things that all of us as Entrepreneurs need to ask ourselves is what do our clients expect from us? What have we done for them lately? What does our brand offer to them. Sometimes I sit back and think about what my target audience expects of me. What makes them choose me over the competition. There can be so many answers to this question but let’s explore a few of those things. What can you add to this list?

One of the most important things that I believe clients expect from us is value. Does our product solve a problem for them? Does it appeal to them? Value is critical to the success of a product. It’s part of your brand story and it’s an important aspect of why your clients will buy from you. Value can be interpreted in different ways by different people. Perhaps it can viewed through the lens of how much something costs, how available is your product to its ideal client, how often can it be used to meet their needs. These are just some value attributes. Value can be defined in many ways. Want to know if your product or service has value? Ask this question as part of your market research process. It’s a valuable one (no pun intended)

The second thing that comes to mind in terms of what clients need is service. Offering a unique, personalized, client experience will help your brand stand out. Use personalization in your emails and find ways to connect with your audience. Your ability to connect with your audience is part of the service that your provide. Be transparent with your clients about the benefits and features of your brand. Part of service is also how you show your clients that they are a pivotal aspect of your business. Many brands like Disney or Apple are known for their Great customer service and have therefore been successful in their market. What service pillars are you offering that make you stand out?

What can you tell your audience about your Competitive advantage? What do
You offer that other brands like yours do not? Clients want to know that they are receiving the best in the market of your particular product or service. As part of your marketing, remember to evaluate yourself against your competitors. Use those advantage points in your positioning and advertising. Your clients love to hear it.

The last thing, in the sea of many that I want to share is accessibility. Accessibility to you and your brand is important to ensuring that your product is appealing to
your target audience. Do you offer maintenance, warranties, a contact us or IT support structure. If they need you, can they find you? An accessible brand is an
exceptional brand. Make tools available via your website or other marketing to ensure that your target audience has efficient access to you or more of your product and services. This will help them to grow with you also.

So if you are now singing “what have you done for me lately? Ooh ooh ooh yea”, it’s ok. Let it be a reminder to you to challenge yourself to think about what your clients need from you. When you gather this information from your target audience, you gain some additional insight that will give your audience what they need to stay loyal to you. That’s half the battle! Need help deciphering your value story for your audience? Email us at [email protected]. We can help!

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