Why Do I need Branding and Marketing Anyway?

As an entrepreneur, you might often times wonder, why do I need marketing and branding? It’s so expensive, I don’t have the time, there has got to be another way! Someone said to me the other day, I know a lot of people, I don’t have the money to spend on marketing. I’ll just tell […]

Lights, Camera, Action

One of the most common things I hear from my clients when it comes to fears around connecting with their audience is about video. Maybe some of these statements ring true for you but, a lot of Entrepreneurs say things like “I don’t like the way I sound” or “The camera makes me look fat”. […]

Giving Back. It’s Time!

Believe it or not, Being an Entrepreneur is not just about making money. Yes, money is awesome but a great entrepreneur is going to be someone who wants to give back and make an impact in this world. Note, you are already going to make an impact by offering a sound solid product or service […]