As an entrepreneur, you might often times wonder, why do I need marketing and branding? It’s so expensive, I don’t have the time, there has got to be another way! Someone said to me the other day, I know a lot of people, I don’t have the money to spend on marketing. I’ll just tell my people to tell their people. Well, while word of mouth marketing is one of the most impactful marketing strategies still to date, the reality of the situation is, your friends, friends might not even know you. If they are a conscious buyer, how are they going to vet you before buying from you?

Marketing and branding provides value for your products and services. Think of your favorite brands. Some of mine are Apple, Disney, McDonalds, Mercedes. All of those brands have a logo, mission, vision and they advertise. People around the world can recognize them. They do not solely rely on word of mouth. Word of mouth is a complement to their already existing value. As people see their content, branding and marketing, they associate a level of credibility to the brand. This is what every entrepreneur should strive to achieve. It’s your key to making your business shine.

Perhaps one of my favorite and most important reasons to have marketing and branding is connection. Have you ever heard the saying, birds of a feather flock together? The best way to get people to buy your product is by connecting with them. Through that connection, they will subscribe to your production. 90% of people buy from an emotional place. Tug at their heart strings. Make your story and inspiration behind the brand part of your content. In my next blog, I’ll share my story about why I created this business. Even if it’s not pretty, remember, your mess is your message. It will resonate with someone, inspire them or just connect them to you in a way that can be a game changer.

In the arena of credibility, Marketing and branding not only helps to attract new customers to you, your value proposition and your products but your marketing and branding strategy will help you keep them. Retention should be a strong part of your marketing strategy! The people who are your tribe and stay loyal to you are also the people that bring you revenue and share your story with others. In most cases it’s your marketing or connection strategy that keep them aligned with your brand.

Another very important reason why marketing and branding is important is simply because your competitors are doing it. People creating similar products and services as you are, are out their telling their story. In their story, they may even be suggesting why they are more qualified to do what you are both doing! Marketing is your opportunity to form and tell your story the way you want it to be told.

Do you have reservations about your branding and marketing strategy? Need some inspiration to create one? We can help create your strategic story today. Your marketing can change lives. Email us at [email protected] and let us help. We can’t wait to connect with you!

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