Like the age old knock knock jokes, we always sit on the edge of our seats to find out who’s there. Well guess what? It’s a new year filled with new opportunities. At the end of the knock knock joke, you need to be the one who’s there. Your customers depend on you. Even when it’s challenging, you need to show up!

That brings me to today’s topic. My blog today is about showing up. How do we do that, it’s pretty simple. As Entrepreneurs, it’s important to make a commitment to showing up. Showing up can mean different things for different people but for me it means, making a promise on the regular to be there for your target audience. Connecting, building content, letting them see you. It’s setting the time aside regularly, whether you think they are listening or not to be present, share your message and connect.

You might be asking what are some of the ways I can show up in my marketing? Good question. Let’s take social media for example, do you like or comment on responses you get from your audience? If you answered no, you might want to start. Liking and commenting on responses from your audience not only increases your engagement metrics but it gives you a chance to connect with them or get to know them better. It shows them that you are engaged in the conversation and that their feedback matters. It humanizes your social media so it feels more like a two way street rather then a dead end. Dedicate a half hour or even a few minutes per day just to spend time engaging. It will make a difference in your social media as well.

Here’s an another way to show up! How about video? Don’t get panicked but a video doesn’t have to be fancy. You don’t have to be in full glam. Be real with your audience. Go live and chat about something that is on your mind. It’s ok to show up as you are, as long as you show up. Your presence as a new business owner is so important. Even when you feel defeated or tired, let your audience in on that. You will be surprised at how they will come to your rescue. Just show up!

Another way to show up is through your email. Send an email to your email list and just say hello. Do a written check-In. Your email is a great communication channel and while I always encourage having an email strategy, sometimes it’s ok to just keep it real. Say hello. Say thank you. Be spontaneous. Sending your list messages about something funny that happened to you or a challenge you are facing makes you a real person to them. Emotion is a big part of a great marketing strategy and you can draw emotion from your audience by sharing your real stories.

There are different ways to show up for your clients. If you have a brick and mortar store, drop by, greet people. Let them know and see the face behind the product. Even if you can only muster up the energy to be there for half hour, that is better then nothing! You smile will bring your products to life. Take the time to chat or ask them why they like your product. Show an interest. I’m sure that will help increase your sales.

And as I’m doing now, I’m showing up through my blog. I’m currently jogging around the track as I write this… but I’m here.. showing up for my fellow entrepreneurs. Telling you that sometimes, we don’t know where this is headed but as long as we show up, we are succeeding. Keep showing up. If these ideas on how to show up weren’t enough, email me at [email protected]
And let’s brainstorm together! We can do this! When we support one another, it’s yet another way to show up! Can’t wait to connect!

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