With the holidays quickly approaching and all that has gone on in the world, now more than ever, it’s important to acknowledge and thank your clients for supporting you. Why? Because when we are grateful for what we have, more of those good vibes come back to us. People love to be acknowledged. Don’t you? Tis the season.

So you might be thinking, what are some ways that I can thank my clients. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. A Thank You Note: a handwritten note goes a long way. It shows that you took time to personalize a message to them. Even in marketing a personalized message goes a long way. It shows your target audience that they are not just another number but that they are actually of value to you. Don’t forget to slip your business card and a special offer for repeat business or to extend to their friends on your behalf
  2. Gift with purchase: who doesn’t like an extra special gift? Be thoughtful about your gift. Be sure it somehow correlates to your product and can serve as a compliment to the product or service that you are already offering. Again, use it as an opportunity to subtlety advertise your brand
  3. Support them: are your clients a business? Is there a product or service you can purchase from them to help them boost their sales? Supporting your clients by buying their products is a great way to build relationship and connection. You can almost be sure they will remember your generosity in giving back. Don’t forget to leave them a review as well. That will help them grow their business.
  4. Take an interest in their lives: acknowledge the things in your clients lives that mean the most to them. Encourage them, congratulate them, wish them well. As humans, most of us have an innate desire to celebrate or be celebrated. Acknowledgement and celebration are a form of gratitude. In marketing, when we take an interest in the lives of our clients, it builds your relationship marketing strategy. Happy birthday or anniversary emails to your clients and customers are a great example of that.
  5. Just check in: the holidays can be a stressful time for some. You never know what someone else’s journey looks like. If you can send them an email, call them or reach out, and just say hello. I appreciate you! How are you? That will go a long way! Communication is an important part of being a good marketer!

Do you have a team of people who work for you? Remember, we lead by example. The best way to teach your employees how to appreciate your clients is to show them you appreciate them. There are some easy ways to do this.

  1. A paid day off or leave early: time is precious to so many. Time serves as a means for them to prepare for the holidays. Time is a gift!
  2. MONEY: again, who doesn’t love money. Give your employees a gift card or an extra bonus if you can. Money is the gift that keeps on giving
  3. Acknowledge them: a card, email or just some  verbal recognition of their efforts will mean a lot. It doesn’t cost much and it sends a message of appreciation that will likely encourage them to work harder for you.
  4. Treat them: how about an appreciation luncheon or dinner? Cookies or snacks? It’s been said that food is the way to heart. I mean it always works for me!
  5. A small gift: think of something that speaks to their personality and skill sets. This shows how much as a leader you have taken the time to take a personal interest in getting to know and understand them.

And lastly, this season, remember to thank yourself. Your endurance, tenacity and drive deserve to rewarded. It’s also a form of self-love. What can you do for yourself? Well it’s similar to many of the ideas above.

  1. Buy yourself something nice: That thing you wouldn’t otherwise buy for yourself. After all you worked hard for it.
  2. Take a day off: you can either do absolutely nothing or you can do all the things you always want or need to do but find you don’t have enough time to conquer those things.
  3. Give yourself a raise: is it in the budget? Maybe a little bonus is more fiscally responsible?
  4. Create a nice experience for yourself: maybe it’s a spa day or a nice dinner out. It’s time for someone to wait on you hand and foot. It’s ok you deserve it! Let yourself live!
  5. Pick up a new hobby that you will love. Take an exercise class or a dance class. The skills you will learn or pick up might be applicable to helping you grow your business. You can do it!


So I hope some of these ideas were helpful for you. Remember, stay in an attitude of gratitude. It will change the lives of those around you and it will enhance your business. Thank you all for reading my blog and for being supporters of my brand Content Redefined. If you are reading this blog and you email me at [email protected] and mention the word “appreciation” In your email, I’ll give you a 30 minute free brainstorm on how to market your business and increase your clients. That’s my gift to you! Happy Holidays and thank you.

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