Accountability Parter

As a member of Networking Redefined, I understand that all members are responsible to pay a monthly or yearly membership fee. If I choose the monthly payment option, I understand that I will be expected to pay $35 per month. I agree to make these monthly, recurring payments. I understand and authorize that Content Redefined will charge me said monthly fee on a recurring basis without notification or billing statements. If I choose to enroll in a monthly recurring plan, I fully acknowledge that I have committed to paying this membership for at least 3 months while assuming all financial obligations of loss if I cancel before. If I choose to pay the yearly option, $378 for the entire year (which represents a 10% discount compared to monthly billing) I will gain access to the network’s entrepreneurial tools. I affirm that there are no refunds on the yearly payment subscription unless approved by the CEO of Content Redefined for substantial cause. I understand that if I wish to cancel my membership, the official cancellation must be in writing or email 30 days prior to the requested cancellation date to receive consideration. If accepted, the cancellation will take effect the following 30 days after the written cancellation request is received.

As a member of Networking Redefined, I understand that I will be given access to the online user portal that contains information only shareable with members of this community. As a result, I promise to protect my username and password or ability to login. Though I will certainly be given opportunities to invite a friend, I won’t share my information and give anyone else access to my username and password.

As a member of Networking Redefined, I understand that I will be invited to participate in a private Facebook group. I wholeheartedly agree to respect the Facebook community. I will help cultivate a positive, safe environment by refraining from using any hateful, hurtful, or demeaning language or content. If I fail to do so, I understand that I will be removed from the group immediately. I agree to give a specific, fair discount or offer to group members which I will honor for anyone within the network. While I can certainly request support and resources from other members at certain times which will be dictated by Networking Redefined, I acknowledge that I cannot promote my own self-interests and needs for personal resources. Lastly, I will gladly share wins, exciting updates, success stories, and encouragement for others!

By checking the box below, I acknowledge and agree to all the above terms and this serves as binding agreement to all said terms.