Welcome back to my blog. I hope the topics I outline are helping you guys become more comfortable with your entrepreneurial journey. Sometimes I ask myself, “who the hell wants to read what I have to say or are people even reading this” and then I say, you know what, it may not be for everybody, but there are some people who need support on their entrepreneurial journey. How do I know that? Because, I asked!

A very important part of your Branding and Marketing journey is understanding who are the people that are going to need your products and services. You will never know until you ask. How do you do this? It’s called Market Research. Most people will do their research before buying a product. “How much does it cost? How will I use it? Does it work for me? Does it solve this problem I have?” etc. As an Entrepreneur, it’s important to do that reverse research. Its important to gauge “What is the average age of the people that will most need my services? What problems are they experiencing that I can help them solve? Where do they live? What other brands do they use? How much are they spending for brands they need.” All of these types of questions are important to ensure sales in your path to becoming successful. Interestingly enough, Those questions just merely scratch the surface. The way to be really successful with your products and services is to really dig deep into understanding who your true client audience is and asking them the questions that will give you better perspective on how to position your new brand.

Now, you might be asking, where do I find these people to ask? The good news, they are likely already in your network. They are family, friends, peers, co-workers but best of all your critics! We all know those people that find fault in our ideas. They are the nay-sayers who typically will poke holes in anything you present to them. Well guess what? They might be your best research audiences. They are going to force you to answer the tough questions about your business and be sure it passes the success litmus test.  Use the resources you have. Ask your Instagram and Facebook friends to participate in answering a few questions that will help you create a brand that shines. You can also bribe them a bit with a gift card or incentive for helping you answer the questions that will make you a success.

Now you might be asking what do I do with the information I gathered. It’s simple. Use it. Create marketing messages with it, create your branding around it, promote it in your social media but most of all learn from it and make your product kick ass! Market Research is vital in the success of your business.

So next time you are like me and you start asking yourself, who the hell is reading this anyway or who the heck is going to buy my product, remember to trust the process and use it. Trust your market research process and know that your tribe is here for your products and services. Put in the work and you will see the results over time. You got this!

If you want to learn more about what is needed to run an effective, Market Research strategy, sign up for my Consumer Connections Mini-course at https://content-redefined-llc.mykajabi.com/Courses.

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