How are you liking your new gig as an Entrepreneur? Has it become easier as the days go by? Are you effectively reaching your clients? I was asked the other day by a client,  what goes into creating a powerful ad and I realized that this is a loaded question. There are so many different perspectives and articles I’m sure you could find about this arena but I think all of them have a consistent theme. The center of a powerful ad is the client. What will the client react and respond to and how do we  illicit a reaction and response by our target audience to our ads? Remember to always think about the following when you are developing an ad; Product, Promotion, Place and Price. All of these elements in their most valuable positioning and timing, can add to the success of your ad. We will talk about these more in this blog. If you have been contemplating this, here are some things to consider.

One of the first things you want to explore is what is your product and what can you use as your creative positioning when advertising it? To help you get here, thin about the elements that your product has that make it look and feel different. Some might characterize that as it’s competitor advantage. See, it’s important to know that Consumers appreciate the wow factor. That’s the thing that makes consumers stop in their tracks. Think about that aspect and advertise it. For my business, it’s the connection. From my connection to my clients to the connection I help them form with their audiences. I consider that my wow factor. What is the thing about your product or service that you consider your wow factor? Creatively illustrate that aspect and use that as a main message in your advertising.

It’s often said that there is a time and place for everything. That is true about your advertising as well. Your ads should resonate for your audience. Focus them around what is of interest to your audience at that moment in time, what is going on around them and for them now. Be authentic in your ads. Think about things like upcoming holidays or world events and integrate those as appropriate. Don’t ignore those but think about how your product is the go to during those times.

We all know that as consumers, we buy from a place of emotion. Maybe it’s our child’s face when they ask for something or maybe it’s a charitable cause that tugs on our heart strings. Emotion in Marketing and advertising is key. A great marketer will target the emotions of their clients in their advertising. Think of the emotion you want to evoke in your clients, create that and then follow that up with the practical and rational reasons why your product is their go to. Emotions can be triggered by colors, imagery, sentiments and more.

Here’s another ad must. Stay consistent! Ads that consistently utilize elements of your branding are going to become more familiar to your audience. Familiarity breeds credibility and connectivity to your product. Those are key components to successful sales. When it comes to consistency, it’s important to remember to reinforce your message. So for example if you are doing an email about your brand, follow that up with a digital banner ad and even a social post that looks and feels similar to the contents of the email. Let the message resound. The more the consumer sees and feels your message, the more inclined they will be to connect to it.

When planning your ad strategy, also ask yourself questions like, how does my ad support my overall marketing and business objectives? How does my ad stand apart from others out there? As you start to answer these questions, it will help you define the right copy, look and feel for the advertisement you are creating. If you are offering a sale or discounted price for your product or service, that can be perceived as a great advertising tool depending upon your audience. If your audience sees the value in your price strategy, that could be the breaking point that gets them to buy. Remember to illustrate that creatively and substantiate the price with good content.

Keep your ads simple. If people cannot get the message right away, you’ve lost an opportunity to influence them. A key component of an ad is its ability to attract, engage and influence your target audience. All of that needs to be done faintly quickly to be successful.

Here’s one  last important thing, let your clients know how to get what you are offering. A call to action is very important in your advertising strategy. It makes your products and services accessible which in turns makes you more profitable.

Was that helpful? I hope it was. These are just a few basic reminders to get your started. Need more tips on creating a successful ad or need us to create one for you? We can help. Email us at [email protected]. Let’s build something awesome together! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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