In a recent blog, I noted that I wanted to share my story of entrepreneurship with you. I think its important for us to all stick together and support one another as we create our businesses and build empires. I mean, I’m wanting to build an empire. Are you? First, it just takes a creative idea. Something that’s different then other ideas and then it takes resilience and drive to move it forward. Here’s my story.

I never thought I would have my own business. It just kind of happened. I went to college for Business with a minor In marketing. I dreamed of working for big brands but never assumed, I would create a brand.  I learned more in experience then I did in school. Here’s one thing that always stands out for me in terms of learning more about Marketing; A/B testing is important. Have you heard of it? Well I don’t remember it from college to be honest. It was real live application that taught me it’s importance. It’s the basic principle that In all marketing, you should have a control group, what you know works and then do some other tests or variations changing out one element at a time. It can be a subject line, an image, a call to action but it lets you test different things and see how like populations react to new ideas. It gives you a basis for success. All of that to say, I learned about marketing through testing and learning. The lectures in college were great but I don’t really think I remembered much of it when it came time. Experience was a big part of the journey that brought me to creating my own company. It’s the knowing that other people don’t have the time and knowledge but need experts to help. That’s me!

When I graduated, I was already working at JPMorgan Chase in their call center and I got offered a marketing communications role. I was responsible for all internal and external communications. It’s there I learned elements like the importance of strong and catchy subject lines in email and how to target your ideal population for direct mail pieces. I also learned a lot about forecasting based on budgets. I left JPMorgan chase after 10 years and took a job at General Electric. I was a Lifecycle Marketing Manager. That simply meant planning for your customers after the point where they are acquired.. how to keep them loyal. That role consisted of PR, Direct mail, email, referral programs and so much more. At this point, I’m still not thinking my own business. It really never came to me until I had a bad boss who didn’t value me or my ideas. But let’s keep going….

After GE came American Express. Large company, lots of policies. I started as a Direct Mail Manager and then I became part of the first social media marketing team. That role started to feel like owning my own little business. Coming up with my own strategies and ideas was so fun. That felt a bit like owning a business since I was managing the whole strategy and in charge of executing as well. It taught me a lot about decision making, structure, strategy and execution. It was great. During that time, I just thought this is a great Learning to take with me in my next big role.. and it’s social media, it’s new on the market. In hindsight I think this role set me up for success in the future.

I had a few more jobs in between but when it became more obvious to me that I should consider entrepreneurship was when I was at my job before my
Current role and business. My boss was a complete narcissist and he didn’t see my value. No matter how much work I would put in or whatever good deed I did to bring our team to together, it was never good enough. He was very critical and difficult to work with. It was his way or no way. It didn’t work for me. Now, in full transparency, I still have a full time job now which is night and day from that experience but it was around this time that I started to wonder if there was a better way. My current job is amazing but there is still a piece of me that wants to build more income and have fun in the process. That is what Content Redefined does for me. It helps me stay creative but on a more casual basis. It helps me to help others, just like you!

I can also say that this business really became real to me through my spiritual teaching. I began to see myself in a different light! I saw my power! I realized I wanted to help people who were changing the world, continue to change the world. I finally felt that calling. Now, 1 year later, I’m seeing the fruits of my experience, hard work and commitment really come to fruition. I’ve also made some great clients and learned a lot.

I love being an entrepreneur! I love creating and I love working with people to support their new ideas in an expansive way. I know that this is the path for me in terms of sharing what I have learned with those who may not have that same access to that information. Do you need some inspiration in your creative idea? I can help! Email me at [email protected]! Let me help you build your dream!

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