Sales +Marketing=SUCCESS

As a Marketing and Branding specialist, I often get asked what is the relationship between sales and marketing? That is an awesome question to explore as you begin your journey to entrepreneurship. As a first step, you want to think about what both Sales and Marketing really are. Sales are all the activities that are […]

Happy Holidays

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are already here. It feels like this year has just blown by. It was certainly a different year for al of us but now is the time to reflect on all the good that this year did bring and the magic to happen in 2021. What do you […]

Thank You Doesn’t Always Have to Be Thankless

Welcome to another fun week of being an Entrepreneur. What has it been like for you? Any new wins? I am excited to say that one of my clients really made me smile this week when she said “Wow, the copy you wrote for me really gets me rejuvenated. I feel like it really captures […]