As an Entrepreneur it’s easy to fall into the trap of everyone’s doing it so I should too. That is not true. A good marketing strategy is based on understanding the needs of your target audience. While Learning is always a great opportunity, some marketing mistakes can harm your brand. As a marketer for over 20 years, I thought I would share just a few of the common mistakes that brands make in their marketing.

Many people in haste to start their brand skip the market research component. Market Research includes the pertinent questions and ideas you want to ask or run by your target audience to ensure you are positioning your brand effectively. When we don’t have a clear idea of who our potential target audience is, we cannot tailor our marketing strategy and messaging to them. We begin to market to everyone and unfortunately, not every one is our target. It’s important to know things like average age, income, buying habits, etc. of what you consider to be your ideal audience. Target your messages based on that. Unless you plan on buying all your products, what you think is not enough.

Don’t think you need a logo or branding strategy? Well guess what? Your competitors likely do have components as part of their strategy. People will recognize them and subscribe to them instead. Remember, most humans are driven by consistency. The consistency of your brand drives commitment. It represents thought leadership, organization and strategy. All of that equals value. In order for people to remain loyal, they need to see the value of your products. One of the best initial ways is to create a logo, vision, mission and other branding elements and let your products stand for themselves.

Are you only focused on new customers and sales? Wrong approach. Loyalty and Retention are just as important. What are you doing to nurture your existing clients so they stay loyal and refer friends? Do you have a rewards program, do you do regular meetings with them? Do you send them an email on their birthday, anniversary or other special moment in their life? Do you offer them special discounts? Those are just some easy ways to get started.

Building an email list is so important. Having a lead magnet or something to attract your audience to stay connected is also important. With emails and a strategy, you ensure that you have an audience for specials, enhancements and new features. Most of all, email is a connection tool. Without connection to your audience, you are doomed to be challenged.

Remember to be sensitive to the world around you. Be culturally aware in your marketing. State current events, facts or details correctly. Do your homework before publishing or using news, media or content that pertains to the world. You are a reflection of the data that you put out. Your awareness about the world is key in your success.

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