A new entrepreneur recently asked me, “what should I do in my first discovery call with a client to ensure success?” and I thought, I’m sure there are a number of ways to approach this but what would I do? When I do a discovery call with potential client, there are always a few things that I like to do to ensure it’s a success. As you might have guessed, the connection between us is important to me. That connection also increases the chances of striking a business deal.

First, even before the discovery call, I have questions in my calendly link to be sure I have some basics to start with. You want to know a little about the potential client’s  business, what their goals are and what exactly they want to discuss with you and how you can support them. Knowing some of these items allows you to prepare for the conversation.

Do your research. Google them, look at their website or social media pages if they are available. Show them you have done your homework and already understand a bit about their business. And yes, tell them you did your research. You can say something like “I was so excited to learn more about your business that I did some research on your brand to prepare for this conversation and these are some of my observations.” Always start with the positive attributes of what they have done.  I personally like to use the sandwich methodology. Start with a positive sentiment, provide developmental feedback then close with more positive sentiment. The goal is to keep them motivated while having them realize your business potential, skill and advantage the you and your business bring to the table.

Always start the conversation by taking an interest in the client. Ask them about their journey of how they got here. You can also ask them about their journey thus far around creating their brand. If you see any points of connection as they tell you their story, point those out. Maybe you both reside in the same city or you both previously worked in the same field. Remember, when people feel a connection, they are more inclined to trust or want to trust you, which is a great basis for relationship building.

A great question to ask them is around what they have done so far or what resources have they used in the realm of what you are doing that hasn’t worked for them and why they think that activity was unsuccessful. You need to know the best way to position your services in light of what may not have worked for them. You might not want to suggest doing exactly the same thing they have tried already. At least not just yet. They likely do not have faith in that aspect at the current moment. You can consider reintroducing that aspect once you’ve established a working relationship with them.

Make time to tell them a little about your business. Include your journey and share things like your mission, vision and other businesses like theirs that you have worked with. Often times, this helps them to determine if you both are a fit for one another. Tell them about wins and successes with other clients and what you know you can do for them. Don’t be afraid to show them your strengths.

Lastly, summarize things like metrics and wins they might see by working with you. Remember to clarify next steps. If your goal is to send a proposal or do a follow up call, stay true to your word on timing. Send a thank you after your call. You want to remain top of mind. You’ve got this!

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