How do you create compelling offers for your audiences? I’ve been in a retreat this weekend about presence, thriving, connecting with our audiences, and providing solid offers. It has me thinking about the different ways we can message and communicate our offers to our clients and the channels in which we can be present to share our influence and brand with those who might need it most. There are so many channels out there that you can use to share your offers with your clients but its important that your offer messaging is compelling.

What does it mean to have a compelling offer? Well first, it’s so important to create your story. What is the inspiration behind your product? Remember that 95% of people buy from a place of emotion so your goal in your marketing and message should always be to connect with them. Connect through your story, shared goals, aspirations, interests and the list goes on. Your offer should come after you have taken the time to explain to your audience the story behind your business. The story behind my business is the fact that my parents both worked long and tiring hours to give us, their children, an amazing life. They did all they could to ensure we were provided for, but it wasn’t enough. At the end of the day, they struggled to make ends meet and it forced me to have to put myself through school and work hard. Content Redefined is the output of wanting to have something fun and creative in my back pocket that not only provides some financial stability but also allows me to explore and have fun connecting with people. Most of all, it allows me to help other entrepreneurs create their dream. Successfully!

A good offer needs a good hook to get people excited and brought into whatever it is that you are selling. For me, my hook is “How many of you know that with the right marketing and branding strategy, that your business will not only survive but it will thrive?” The purpose of the hook is to draw people in. Give them something they cannot say no to. Your hook can also be a statistic depending upon who your audience is. Another one I like to use is “How many of you know that 78% of new businesses fail because they lack a well-developed marketing plan? Do you want that to be your business?” Something like that gets people thinking that if they do not have a plan in place, now is probably the time to invest in creating one.

When you are creating an offer for your audience remember to close the gap. Ask them questions like, “what is it costing you to not be in front of your right audience?”  You can also ask questions like “How does it feel when you see others thriving in their marketing and you are not” When you help people see the gap in their offer strategy and the importance of its existence, they will be more inclined to understand the expediency in which they need to buy in to your products and services.

Your offer messaging should always create a future that is possible for your audience.  You can ask questions like “What would an additional $100K do for your business and life right now?” When people get excited about the future potential, your offer has legs to stand on. They will want what you have to offer.

So, what are some of the channels where you can share your offers? The list is endless. Think about Social Media, Clubhouse, Webinars, Live Events, Podcasts, I mean the list goes on and on.

Remember, a strong messaging around your offer will lead to sales success. Are you looking for support in crafting your message? Look no further, at Content Redefined, we help businesses large and small craft their message, connect with their audience and drive sales. Want to chat with us? Email us at [email protected] and let’s get your message to the masses. You have a story to tell, tell it the right way and reap the benefits once you do!

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