How many of you have a class, product or service that you are selling online? There are probably so many of you raising your hand right now, so that’s good news. You are probably now thinking, how can I sell my product online in a way that is compelling and will convert. That is where a good sales page comes in. Your sales page is a standalone page that is focused on a product that you offer and designed with the intent to secure leads and or sales for that product. It is often considered as a means to directly close a sale. So now that you understand a little bit more about what a sales page is, you might be thinking, what are some of the things I need to be sure that my sales page includes in order to convert and really bring me in the big bucks. That is a valuable question. In this blog, I will share my perspective on some of the items that you need to create a great sales page.

For starters, your sales page needs to be catchy. What I mean by that is that you want to be sure that your sales page has some great headlines about your product or service that really catches your audiences’ attention. In this headline you might want to consider challenges that your audiences face that your product or service will solve for, the benefits of your product or service, or an attention-grabbing statement that really engages your audience. You can also grab people’s attention by using a question at the very beginning of your page. Word to the wise, be sure that people will clearly see the need for your product through that question. This is their first impression of the item you are selling so go out with a bang.

What story can you tell that will grab your audience’s attention?  As we have talked about so many times, people buy from a place of emotional connection. Do you have a story that inspired your brand? Share it. Connect with people, pull at their emotional heartstrings, and let them know how your product or service has changed your life and how it can now change theirs. Be very specific in your story. The more specific you are about a person, place, situation, challenge, etc. the more opportunities your audience will have to connect with you on a deeper level.

Speak to the Value. How do we do that? What are the benefits that your product or service offers over a competitor?  Be clear in what your product construct is. In order for your audience to see the benefit, your copy that describes your product and its value proposition needs to be descriptive, engaging and connective. Feel free to use FAQ’s if you have a ton of questions that you want to clarify for your audience. Questions that you always get asked provide great direction for how to position your product to others.

My last tip is to consider testimonials. Testimonials on a sales page is a great asset. A testimonial is proof that your product works for other people and has validity. Testimonials are a trust and value builder and could just be the tool you need to help your audience decide if they want to buy. You can even grab screenshots of testimonials from your social media pages or other places where people have cited the power behind your brand and showcase it. Don’t be afraid to share more about yourself as well. If you have done media like podcasts, interviews, articles or written books, you should tout them. These also serve as a value statement about you and your brand.

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