As entrepreneurs, we still need to recognize that we are human. We are going to have stress but in order to continue to provide value for our clients and customers, we need to be sure that we are taking care of ourselves. I am here to tell you that there are ways that we as entrepreneurs, can check in with ourselves and our customers to ensure that we are providing the most value to everyone.

Let’s start with a few ways to check in with your clients on the value you provide.

Are you using surveys as part of your business? They can help you get a good look at what is working and what is not while allowing your customers to provide their feedback in a safe and private environment. Remember to ask open ended questions when you can so your clients have the opportunity to be specific and detailed in their feedback.

Focus groups are another way to get feedback on your value. With today’s world being very virtual, invite your clients from all over to join you for coffee and conversations. Make them a vital part of your business. Remember to invite people from your market research process. Determine if their needs have changed over time and apply that feedback as you further strategize to grow your business.

Use your social media as an avenue to ask questions of your fans. When you build a community that is interactive and welcoming, you create a social culture that becomes part of your overall brand. Show new products, launch new services, ask your fans what they think of your ideas. They will be great at giving you the feedback you need to provide valuable benefits that work and will drive revenue.

So what about you? How do we entrepreneurs ensure we stay healthy so we are always providing value to our clients.

Start with respecting your time. Make time
For the things that’s are important to you. Family, friends, reading etc.
I personally love working out and need to do that almost every day. Do your best not to let tasks consume you or your thoughts during your time. Block that time off in your calendar. This will ensure that you do not overbook yourself.

Remember to breathe. Take a few minutes to enjoy nature, the beauty around you or even just take a few deep breaths when  sitting at your desk. Remember that breathing also provides a clear pathway to more clarity in thinking, strategizing and processing. Be in the moment and remember the importance of being grateful in your silence for all that you have, your clients and your success.

Be clear on boundaries with clients. I have a very hard time with this unfortunately. I want to please everyone but it’s a sure fire way to burn yourself out. Create processes and guidelines up front of how you will work together. Remember that good customer service doesn’t mean overexerting or overextending yourself to make a client happy. If you do this, you may not have any energy left for anything else you need to get done. Trying meditation, walks or just relaxation. They all will support you in being the best version of you. One that provides value!

If you are an Entrepreneur and you need more tips on how to provide value, reach out to us. We can help. Email us at [email protected].

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