In the world of marketing and branding, like most other things, you will talk to different people who have different opinions about what you should or shouldn’t do. Its really up to you to find what resonates with you. As a Marketer, I think that having a brand for your products and services is very important. Would you spend a lot of money on something that is called the “no name” brand? I wouldn’t but I am not knocking you if you would. I mean, think about it, even no name brands are creating a brand. When I was a child there was a brand called no frills that practically sold all types of groceries. It had plain white packaging with I think black and red elements. Even though it was no frills, it still created a brand for itself. See, no frills was the brand without a brand because, I can still remember the name and I can still see its packaging for the most part in my head. I remember it being on the shelves when I went to the grocery store with my parents. It created a name for itself that people remembered, and it was very cost effective. It made a name for itself!

So, you might be asking, why do I need a logo or why do I have to associate certain colors and fonts with my business? Well, there are a few reasons why. Let’s talk about some of them

For starters, branding helps with recognizability, promotability and value for your products and service. It’s a tool that connects an idea, product, or service with your ideal target audience. As an example, you know, that wherever you go, if you see yellow golden arches, you are probably at a McDonalds. In addition to that, if you look at the French fry box, you will see the golden arches right there too. See, even when you are enjoying the meal, you are being presented with McDonalds branding. That’s how you build recognizability. You keep repeating it. By seeing that branding repeatedly, even as you eat, you are reminded of the brand. The arches are recognizable, promotable and no matter where you go, it looks the same so therefore that makes it even more valuable. Logos are often times the face of the company and therefore they are a symbol for your business that holds a lot of weight.

When we reflect on value for a brand, it also means future sustenance. Think of Apple for example and how well they are doing as a business. In the industry of electronic devices, Apple is a household name. Having a brand helps to do exactly this. Give your business a great footing for growth in the industry you are in. Think about what that means for business partners and investors. It’s a symbol of future growth, success and mostly revenue.

Brands create new customers and sustains existing ones. Your logo is not the only part of your brand. Your vision, mission, voice, tagline, and other items also make up your brand. These elements drive new customers to try your products and services and visit your business. These values also help retain existing customers. As you know, customers determine if a business is going to be a long-term revenue driver. When you have an established brand that is serving its community and clients, then word of mouth marketing for that brand becomes easy.

Your branding supports your marketing. Does your Instagram page have a color palette that you stay within when posting? Do your email templates include your logo? Not only do they elements help with recognizability, but branding is going to help you manage the look, feel and tone of your marketing and advertising. If your brand prints items like t-shirts, pens, or promotional items, you always want to have some indicators of your branding on those items. Remember, branding is a great promotability tool. Use it to your advantage to grow your business.

So, as you can see, there are so many reasons to have a branding strategy. If nothing else, remember your competitors are doing it. If they are dedicated to being seen, they are going to win over your clients that are looking for support and services.  Need help with your branding for your company? We can help! Email us at [email protected]. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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